Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Center (Shanghai)

About us

About us

Established in year October 2006, GU BEI INDUSTRIAL TRADE CO., LIMITED (Former name: Hong Kong Jawee Technology Co., Ltd. Has been updated to GU BEI INDUSTRIAL TRADE CO., LIMITED since July 1st, 2023) and we are still committed to provide customers with Mitsubishi full line automation products and services. Thanks for the support and trust of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, We adheres to only provide customers with genuine products, adhering to “the customer first, service and price equally important business philosophy”.

The company has strong technical strength, professional pre-sale and after-sales service team with rich actual combat experience, can meet the various demands of Mitsubishi products with the fastest speed. We appreciate the support and trust from our long term customer friends from Asia, North American countries and European regions.

The most advantage products of Mitsubishi Electric include:

— Controllers (programmable controllers – MELSEC: iQ-R series/ iQ-F series/ MELSEC-Q series/ MELSEC-FX series (FX0N, FX1N, FX1S, FX2N, FX2NC, FX3U, FX3UC, FX3G, FX3GC, FX3GE, FX3S, FX5, FX5U, FX5UC, FX5UJ)/ MELSEC-A series/MELSEC-L series; simple application controllers; motion controllers; computerized numerical controllers – CNCs, Including: M800/M80/E80/C80/M700V/M70V/E70/C70; data logging analyzer – MELQIC)

— Drive products (AC Servos – MELSERVO: MR-J5 /MR-J4/ MR-J3/ MR-J2S/ MR-JE; Inverters – FREQROL: FR-A800, FR-F800, FR-D700, FR-E700, FR-E800, FR-CS series ; Geared Motors;

— Visualization (Human-Machine Interface – GOT1000, GOT2000; Scada MC Works64)

— Industrial Robots – MELFA, including: RV-FR, RV-CR, RV-F, RH-FR, RH-CH, RH-F, RH-FRHR, RH-FHR series

— Low-voltage power distribution products (low-voltage circuit breakers; contactors and motor starters)

At a time when better productivity, efficiency and labor-saving techniques are in demand at the front lines of manufacturing, demands for more attention to the environment, safety and peace of mind have never been greater. From controllers to drive control devices, power distribution control equipment and industrial mechatronics, Mitsubishi Electric serves its customers as a comprehensive factory automation (FA) manufacturer dealing in all aspects of manufacturing. Along with developing products that match its customers' needs, Mitsubishi Electric utilizes its advanced engineering techniques to provide reliable FA solutions with an eye to the next generation of manufacturing.

Nuestros productos de ventaja: Mitsubishi Electric completa gama de automatización de fábrica, incluyendo controladores programables, convertidores de frecuencia, servomotores, servomotores, pantallas táctiles, sistemas CNC, accesorios CNC. Todos los productos que vendemos disfrutan de un período de garantía de 3 años.

наши преимущества: Mitsubishi Electric полный спектр заводской автоматизации, включая программируемые контроллеры, преобразователи частот, сервоприводы, сервомоторы, сенсорные экраны, системы ЧПУ, аксессуары с ЧПУ. все продукты, которые мы продаем, имеют гарантийный срок в 3 года.

Os nossos produtos de vantagem: Mitsubishi Electric, toda a gama de automatização de fábrica, incluindo controladores programáveis, conversores de frequência, servodrives, servomotores, telas tácteis, sistemas CNC, acessórios CNC. Todos os produtos que vendemos têm um período de garantia de 3 anos.

Unsere Vorteile: Die Allround-Fabrikautomation von Mitsubishi Electric, einschließlich programmierbarer Steuerung, Frequenzumrichter, Servomotor, Touchscreen, CNC-System, CNC-Zubehör. Alle Produkte, die wir verkaufen, haben eine dreijährige Garantie.





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