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Mitsubishi Inverter Series

Mitsubishi Inverter Series

Background: The FR-A700 Series was launched in 2006 as the successors to the FR-A500 Series. The A700 series was available in a number of configurations and voltages 200, 400 and 600V. This series has been retired and replaced by the FR-A800 Series which is currently available.

Migration Info: The FR-A800 Series is a suitable drop in replacement in most cases. For capacities larger than 125, 450 and 300HP (200, 400 and 600V respectively) there are both design and dimensional changes to reconsider. Please consult with your local Mitsubishi representative to discuss your options.

Background:The FR-F700 Series was launched in 2004 as the successor to the FR-F500 Series VFD. With growing market demands for energy saving inverters in building automation, water processing and HVAC industries, the FR-F700 was able to exceed power-saving expectations in fan and pump applications by incorporating “OEC” (optimum excitation control) which combined maximum drive utilization with minimal power consumption.

Migration Info:Before migrating to the FR-F800 series, we encourage our customers to review the factory VFD transition guide to confirm dimensions, options and specifications prior to upgrading inverters.





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