Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Center (Shanghai)


The Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economics of Instruments and Meters in the Mechanical Industry (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) and Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd.&Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd e-F@ctory Personalized customized intelligent manufacturing test system based on the concept (hereinafter referred to as "test system"). On the basis of this test system, the two sides will further invest in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, big data, edge computing, and form a cutting-edge science and technology open cooperation platform for intelligent manufacturing.

China e-F@ctory Layout of demonstration line
The purpose of building intelligent manufacturing demonstration lines and technology innovation centers in various regions of China is to show the latest automatic and intelligent industrial control technology of Mitsubishi Electric to government departments, local enterprises, schools and potential customers, and play a role in promoting and popularizing technology applications to visitors

1 North China Beijing: Integrated standard test and verification platform for intelligent manufacturing

2 East China Changshu: Changshu Green Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center

3 East China - Shanghai: Mobile screen intelligent detection e-F@ctory Demonstration production line

4 South China Dongguan: multi-functional flexible intelligent manufacturing line

5 East China - Shanghai: Mobile phone holder e-F@ctory Demonstration production line





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