Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Center (Shanghai)


The Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory concept extracts hidden benefits from existing resources through integrated automation to improve efficiencies, reduce cost and increasing overall productivity. Mitsubishi Electric is the world’s leading industrial automation supplier. The reason we are able to maintain that stature is by staying focused on our core competencies whilst partnering with other companies who have best in class solutions within their own offering. Mitsubishi Electric provides open platforms and technologies that enable our partner's products to seamlessly integrate with ours. In addition partners who deliver services are able to provide those service faster and with more consistency.

How e-F@ctory brings a paradigm - Shift in your factory

e-F@ctory creates Smart Factories by leveraging advanced digital technologies to achieve digital transformation in the manufacturing environment - for Enhanced Operational efficiency

e-F@ctory enables seamless integration of plant operations with Business Management Systems - for Better Shop-floor Visibility

e-F@ctory collects, analyses and diagnose the data to improve manufacturing in real time - for Better Quality

e-F@ctory is the Next Generation Solution that Reduces computing burden with compact AI and enables deployment of artificial intelligence - for Higher Productivity

e-F@ctory Promotes an “Open” Shift in order to accelerate collaboration and innovation in the manufacturing - for Greater Sustainability





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