Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Center (Shanghai)

Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Center (Shanghai)

  • Mitsubishi QS/WS Series
  • Mitsubishi QS/WS Series
  • Mitsubishi QS/WS Series

Mitsubishi QS/WS Series


Safety programmable controller MELSEC-QS Series

The safety programmable controller is compliant with international safety standards, EN ISO 13849-1 Category 4/PL e and IEC 61508 SIL 3. It is ideal for medium to large-scale safety control systems. Ladder programs and certified safety function blocks*1 realize flexible programming.

Product name Model *
Safety CPU QS001CPU (-K)
Safety main base QS034B (-K)
Safety power supply QS061P-A1 (-K)
QS061P-A2 (-K)
CC-Link IE Field Network master/local (with Safety Communication Functions) QS0J71GF11-T2
CC-Link Safety system master QS0J61BT12 (-K)
CC-Link Safety system remote I/O QS0J65BTB2-12DT (-K)

Safety controller MELSEC-WS Series

This compact safety controller complies with EN ISO 13849-1 Category 4/PL e and IEC 61508 SIL 3 safety standards. It is ideal for small to medium-scale safety control system. Safety I/O points can be extended to 144 points per CPU module according to the system configuration. Utilizing the dedicated Setting and Monitoring Tool*1, setup and logic creation can be easily done.

Product name Model Abbreviated product model name
CPU WS0-CPU000200 WS0-CPU0
CPU (with EFI) WS0-CPU130202 WS0-CPU1
CPU (with EFI, Flexi Line) WS0-CPU320202 WS0-CPU3
Memory plug for CPU
(for WS0-CPU0/WS0-CPU1)
WS0-MPL000201 WS0-MPL0
Memory plug for CPU
(for WS0-CPU3)
WS0-MPL100201 WS0-MPL1
Safety input WS0-XTDI80202 WS0-XTDI
Safety I/O combined WS0-XTIO84202 WS0-XTIO
Safety relay output WS0-4RO4002 WS0-4RO
USB/RS-232 conversion cable WS0-C20M8U, WS0-UC-232A
RS-232 cable connecting to CPU WS0-C20R2
CC-Link interface WS0-GCC100202 WS0-GCC1
Ethernet interface WS0-GETH00200 WS0-GETH
Screw-in replacement terminal block WS0-TBS4
Spring clamp replacement terminal block WS0-TBC4
Setting and Monitoring Tool SW1DNN-WS0ADR-B

Safety relay module

The safety relay module integrates the emergency stop circuit and the restart circuit with a double safety relay. A basic safety function can be realized with just wiring, eliminating the need for programming and parameter settings. Furthermore, the number of I/O points can be increased by adding extension modules.

Product name Model
MELSEC-Q Series safety relay module QS90SR2SP-Q
CC-Link safety relay module QS90SR2SP-CC
Extension safety relay module QS90SR2SP-EX
Safety circuit part extension cable QS90CBL-SE01

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